Full Day Wine Tour

Full day wine tours offer you 5 estates or 5 hours.

TUK TUK Franschhoek is an enjoyable, fun & different way to experience wine tasting and the true essence of what our valley has to offer.

This tour will "tuk tuk" you from estate to estate showing off breath taking views, introduce you to some of our finest wines & cuisine and it doesn't stop there.

All tours are private and not shared transport.

Full Day Wine Tours offer you 5 Estates from our selected routes.

Mont Rochelle Route - Mont Rochelle, La Couronne, La Bri, La Lude, La Bourgogne, Le Petite Dauphine, Holden Manz, Haute Cabriere, Le Petite Ferme, Grande Provence & Rickety Bridge.

Dieu Donne Route - Dieu Donne, Chamonix, Grande Provence, Rickety Bridge, Franschhoek Cellar (not an estate), Leopards Leap, La Motte, Maison, Franschhoek Beer Co & Morreson.

All lunch reservations are to made in advance & directly with the estate and with an estate on your selected route.

"Hop on Hop off tour" will offer you an hour at each estate and a pick up at your convenience.